Connecting journalists and sources from underrepresented communities.

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Pass the Microphone

Pass the Mic — jointly funded by Gannett Co. Inc., and the Google News Initiative — is a database and messaging tool that connects reporters with sources from underrepresented communities including people of color, people who are LGBTQ+, women, people who are non-binary and people with disabilities. Reporters can use this tool to improve the overall diversity of their sources. Sources can nominate other sources for inclusion in the database to "pass the mic" to other folks who aren't as often heard from in the news. Pass the Mic is currently in beta development (in other words, this website is still under construction) with a minimum viable product launch scheduled for October 2021.

We verify every reporter, editor and source who signs up for Pass the Mic.

Sources: be a part of the conversation

Sign up to be a verified source so that you can offer your perspective, experience and expertise on what matters to you in articles that matter. Work with reporters to represent your community. Then, pass the mic to nominate other sources you wish you were hearing from in news media.

Reporters: earn trust and build rapport

Sample verified sources with a variety of areas of expertise, experiences and perspectives. Create connections with folks you may not have heard from in the past. Report the news with a representative outlook.

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