Connecting journalists and sources from underrepresented communities.

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Pass the Microphone

Pass the Mic — jointly funded by Gannett Co. Inc., USA TODAY and the Google News Initiative Challenge — connects journalists with sources from underrepresented communities. Journalists can use the platform to improve the overall diversity of their sources. Sources can nominate other sources for inclusion in the database to "pass the mic" to other people who aren't as often quoted in the news.

We verify every source and journalist who signs up for Pass the Mic.

Sources: be a part of the conversation

Sign up to be a verified source so that you can offer your perspective, experience and expertise. Connect with journalists to give more representation in your community. Then, pass the mic to nominate other sources whose voices need to be heard.

Journalists: earn trust and build rapport

Connect with verified sources with a variety of areas of expertise, experiences and perspectives. Plug into a network of sources you may not have previously cited in the past. Report the news with a representative outlook.

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